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Solutions You Can (Literally) Shake On

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

You walk into the meeting: poised, prepared, determined.

First, you make eye contact.

Then, you smile.

You extend your hand with confidence born of years of practice. Clasp hands… and oh dear god, that’s a limp fish.

You barely avoid pulling your hand away with a cringe.

While we’ve all experienced it, and we all know it’s terrible, we also know that the only hand shake worse than the “limp fish” is the hand shake you don’t get to make.

As Albertans, we trust our instinct to know the good from the bad, and the authentic from the generic.

The market is flooded with companies worldwide that want to pitch you their technology, swearing that it’s the best. And, since they’re hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, you have to take their word on it. Emails don’t quite measure up the same as meeting someone in person to make sure that you’re putting your trust, your money, and the success of your business in the right place. That’s why it’s important to think local when you’re making decisions for yourself and for your company. ‘Going Local’ is a great option for buying groceries, household goods, and just about anything sold at a farmers’ market. It’s good for you, and it feels good. You do it because you get to see the product, see the people, and make an impact in your community. It feels good to know your farmer, and your baker, and your coffee roaster. It feels good to see them, talk to them, get their vibe.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Alberta thinks local in a big way. Restaurants, including big brand chains, boast locally sourced ingredients. There’s a farmers’ market for every day of the week. Arts and music venues teem with local artists and musicians. And small businesses, just like ours and yours, thrive together based on community. Because the ability to shake hands means something for Albertans. Being face to face means coming together to grow stronger.

As a local company, we at GFI are constantly working with other local companies to help them build, grow, and prosper their business. And we rely on our clients to help us do the same.

Our clients help us grow. With our dedicated team of developers, we are constantly adapting and improving our software based on real feedback from the people who use it most. Together we are developing innovative technology, growing a stronger community, and establishing better businesses.

Our success as a business is a direct result of the success of your business.

Office fist bump

Photo by from Pexels

Knowing your business comes from knowing you. When meeting with our team to decide if our company is right for you, we take the time to understand your needs, your goals, and your functions. And we take the time to understand your values.

Technology isn’t one size fits all. Your company is growing, and evolving, and your needs will change as time goes on. The technology needs to do the same.

With over 25 years of experience in adaptable technology and ethical software, we focus on building long term partnerships with our clients. From step one to step one hundred, we want to be with you every step of the way.

We want to connect with you. Whether you’re a landscaping company looking to track your equipment, a delivery company looking for a streamlined dispatch software, or an oilfield company looking to establish safer habits for your drivers, we have solutions that you can (literally) shake on.

Get in touch with us to find a solution that is right for your company today!

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