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Who We Are

A grassroots company that quietly grew through 
the nineties in the Canadian Prairies, GFI Systems 
continues to maintain the start-up mindset and the 
hacker ethos that got the brand where it is today...

The same way technology evolves over time through innovation, progress, building and rebuilding structures, GFI has shifted, grown, and changed to become a tech-forward, inventive, and leading-edge brand.


Founded in 1992 by two business partners operating in Saskatchewan, GFI originally began as a company that digitized maps. While computers changed and new technologies became available, GFI shifted focus to GPS tracking, real time vehicle navigation, location targeting for emergency response, site project integration for oil and gas companies, and more — always being the first to market with inventive solutions not available anywhere else.

As time passes, GFI continues to focus on collaborative innovation, adapting software and programs to meet customers’ unique needs. While the technology GFI uses may have changed over the years, the brand’s approach to finding the best solutions hasn’t. The scrappy mentality, the commitment to creating user-friendly, ethical software, and doing it all with the casual fun of a start-up, remains embedded at GFI’s core.



GFI Systems: the original start-up.

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Through value alignment and a focus on relationship-building, we help clients run better companies by co-creating adaptable technology that improves their business.


We are growing a tech company grounded in thought leadership, reciprocity, and uncommon ideas. By maintaining our unique approach to business, we will foster the growth of a different kind of industry where technology is more accessible and creates greater value for the people.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

If a technology doesn’t help make money or save money, what’s the point of using it?

- GFI Systems

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Our Essence


“Access to computers — and anything that might teach you something about the way the world works — should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the Hand-On-Imperative!” 

 - The Hacker Ethic

At our core, GFI encompasses the Hacker Mentality. We embrace hard work, out-of-the-box thinking, and the drive to take things apart and recreate them to be better than before. We value open access to technology and the idea that if implemented properly, technology shouldn’t cost anything. 

We are driven, innovative, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates a continuous need for invention, re-invention, and improvement. We approach problems with a can-do attitude and an unbreakable optimism that GFI will always do better.

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Our Purpose


GFI exists to help others. Whether we are helping clients solve problems to make improvements within their business, or helping an employee take the next steps in their career, our mandate is focused on empowerment and positive impact.

We foster an environment of collaboration, partnership, creativity, and learning. Our thoughtful leadership and approach to change-making has moved our company to the leading-edge of the tech industry.

Our belief in the reciprocity of business relationships motivates our company forward in a way that sees GFI being built by our employees and clients alike. We are driven by the impact that unique, ethical technology can have on a business, a community, and the world. Technology is for the people.

Our Values

The core values we uphold drive our business forward with purpose, integrity, and passion.

Empowermentwe believe in providing the tools and opportunity for success. When we enable others to discover their passions, skills, and capabilities, we succeed.

Problem Solvingwe don’t see boundaries. We aren’t confined by industry-set limitations. We find endless opportunity in building and creating valuable solutions that are right for our clients.

Authenticity we are committed to genuinely being ourselves, to keeping our doors open, and operating with earnest transparency. We believe in relationship-building before making money. Our client-centric approach keeps us grounded in our purpose to help others improve.

Reciprocity we do business with like-minded people. Business transactions are complementary, and the same way we help others build their business, they help us build ours.

Individuality we refuse to follow the status quo. We push for creative technology and creative solutions. We see opportunity where others don’t. Doing things the way they’ve always been done is not always the right way.

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