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As a leading provider of fleet management solutions, GFI Systems is committed to ensuring our clients have the tools they need to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of their company employees. While our platform has hundreds of features, these are just a few reasons why

GFI Systems has an advantage.

How GFI Stands Apart from the Competition

High Repeat Rates

While competitors claim average
repeat rates between 30 and 300
seconds, ours averages 5-7 seconds.
By using a proprietary algorithm that
takes into account each change in
speed, direction, and ignition status,
GFI allows you to see your units move on the map right before your eyes.


  • Near real-time knowledge of your fleet's location and behaviour for better safety and lower liability.

  • Actionable insight into how to improve fleet efficiency with highly accurate & detailed reports:

  • Fleet Overview Dashboards

  • Idling Report

  • Driver Performance

  • IFTA Reports

  • And More...!

Premium Support / Service

Skip the call centres of our
competitors and get 24/7 local
support by phone or email with GFI

Account Managers:

Every client has a dedicated Account Manager to provide in-depth training, feature updates and fleet checks.

Client Support Representatives:

The GFI Client Support team is local and available 24/7 to provide install advice, hardware troubleshooting and technical support.

Developers & Software Engineers:

Our in-house development team knows our software inside and out.  They work around the clock to quickly resolve issues and provide custom-built solutions for our most valued clients.

All-In-One & Customizable

GFI Systems provides more than simple vehicle tracking. Whether you're on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you're able to effectively manage all areas of
your fleet in a centralized and custom manner.

Feature Overview:

  • Vehicle & Driver Behaviour Tracking

  • Asset Maintenance Management

  • Employee Management

  • Fleet Dispatch

  • eLogs & eTicketing

  • Lone Worker Safety

  • Custom Tags & Filtering

If a technology doesn’t help make money or save money, what’s the point of using it?

- GFI Systems

Canadian Flag

We're Canadian, eh!

GFI Systems was founded in the prairies over 30 years ago and we're still proudly Canadian Today. This gives us an understanding of the challenges that Canadian companies face, and a unique drive to help them grow.

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