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9 Benefits of Fleet Tracking and How It Can Save You Money

Real Time Data

Monitor your fleets in real time. With one of the most frequent reporting frequencies, be able to track your fleets without needing to contact your driver.


View all of your fleet data as actionable information with simple reporting. Quickly get reports on everything from driver performance, to idle times. Reduce costs by

Theft Recovery

Recover any lost assets or fleets quicker with a fleet tracking solution. Save time, resources and funds with a fleet tracking solution.

Staff Management

Centralize your fleet data in one location by entering your employee data into our Staff Management portal. Simplify pooled vehicle management and make it a breeze! Keep track of which driver is operating each vehicle and streamline the logging of vehicle usage with a Bluetooth keyfob.

Improved Driver Safety

A notable benefit of fleet tracking and management software is real time alerts that notify managers of dangerous driving habits. Additionally, a good GPS tracker will work with electronic forms and ELD platforms to automatically collect and record details such as odometer, mileage, and time-on-site. This means that drivers can save service records electronically, upload fuel receipts, and supplement forms with photos. With these processes now more automated and digitalized, drivers are able to focus more on driving rather than paperwork.

Reduced Costs

Utilizing a fleet tracking system will allow your business to reduce a variety of costs including fuel, maintenance and much more. Optimize routes taken and much more with a fleet management solution.

Fleet Maintenance

Keep your equipment in top-notch shape and never miss a service appointment, license renewal or warranty expiration date again. Alleviate maintenance costs by developing a preventative maintenance schedule and get notified when it’s time to take your fleet to the shop! Prevent and reduce unnecessary maintenance on your fleet with alerts based upon actual mileage driven and active engine hours. You’ll find yourself with more money in your pocket, avoid breakdowns, and reduce maintenance-related accidents.

Customer Satisfaction

Simplify bookings and appointment reminders, know where your fleets are and provide more accurate ETA with GPS tracking data. Let your customers know when fleets will arrive or if they are delayed.

Fleet Alerts

Be notified when fleets have arrived, departed and much more! Create geofences to be alerted for specific notifications in a location that you set.

Learn how our system can benefit your company, and help you succeed. Sign up for a 2 week FREE demo today!

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