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Premium Fleet Management Software


Premium fleet

management software.

Centralized Fleet Management Done Right

You bet. Never miss a thing. With best reporting times in the industry, you can sit back and watch your fleet units move on the map.

Start tracking your fleet

Start Tracking Your Fleet

Instead of relying on set time increments (eg. every 30 seconds), Latitude uses a complex algorithm triggered by changes in vehicle speed, direction, and input status to offer the best location reporting frequency in the industry. So, whether your GPS tracking data is sent via cellular or satellite networks, Latitude displays your vehicle’s movements right on your live map. Plus you’ll get details such as speed, direction, and brake use.

What Can You Do With Latitude?

Cut fuel costs, build fleet safety, and boost productivity. View reports on idling, utilization, and driver behaviour instantly in Latitude, or schedule them to arrive in your inbox each day, week, or month.

Go back in time for turn-by-turn fleet records. Perfect for resolving accident claims, ticket disputes, and work-hour discrepancies. Monitoring inputs? See when and where each one was used.

Avoid breakdowns, void warranties, and reduced resale value. Maintenance reminders are triggered by time, mileage, or engine hours while service records track maintenance dates and costs.

Assign jobs to specific drivers and ensure your fleet commitments are met on time and on budget. View your booked jobs by date, vehicle, or client, and track their status through to completion.

Ditch the paper HOS logs for an electronic logging device (ELD) that’s 100% compliant. Drivers create inspection reports and update duty status using the app or in-cab hardware.

Assign drivers to specific vehicles and accessories and store employee details in one convenient location. Each employee can be given custom notification settings for crystal-clear communication channels.


GFI Systems' Latitude Fleet Management Platform Tools & Features

As a leading provider of fleet management solutions, GFI Systems is committed to ensuring our clients have the tools they need to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of their company employees.

While our fleet management platform has hundreds of features, here are some of our clients' favourites:

GPS tracking

GPS Tracking

See your units move on the map right before your eyes Benefit from our industry-leading average reporting frequency of 6 seconds.

Staff Management

Staff Management

Centralize your fleet data in one location by entering your employee data into our Staff Management portal.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Keep your equipment in top-notch shape and never miss a service appointment, license renewal or warranty expiration date again. 

Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

Watch in real time as data flows into the system on:


  • Speed

  • Ignition Status

  • Braking & Acceleration

  • Odometer*

  • Engine Diagnostic Codes*

  • Fuel Levels*

  • VIN*

  • RPM*



View all of your fleet data as actionable information with simple reporting. Quickly  
get reports on everything from driver performance, to idle times. 



Set up Geo-Fences in any location, size, and shape. 

Use these areas to set custom policies, monitor driver behaviour and receive area-specific notifications such as:

Speed Alerts
Arrival Notifications
Departure Alarms

After-Hours Alarms

After-Hours Alarms

Ensure your units aren’t 
in use when they’re not supposed to be.

You’ll be sent an email or text anytime a unit is turned on or moved after the specific hours you set to help prevent:


  • Theft

  • Employee Misuse

Driver ID

Driver ID

Make pooled vehicle management a breeze! Keep track of which driver is operating each vehicle.
Drivers are provided with a bluetooth keyfob for easy login and logout of company vehicles.

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