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GFI Systems - How We Got to Where We Are Today

Founded in the Canadian prairies in 1992, GFI Systems Inc. found its start by digitizing paper maps. As time and technology have progressed GFI has also followed this shift. While our company has transformed over the years and shifted focus to GPS tracking, real time vehicle navigation, site project integration and much more – we are still grounded to our roots and humble beginnings.

Continuing to keep the startup mindset and hacker ethos that have gotten us this far, our mission at GFI is to help our clients run better companies. We foster an environment of collaboration, partnership, creativity and learning. Through our thoughtful leadership and approach to change-making we have brought our company to the forefront of the fleet

telematics industry.

The core values that are upheld at GFI drive our business forwards with purpose, integrity, and passion. We believe in providing our clients and employees with the tools and opportunities for success. Industry-set limitations do not confine us, we find endless opportunity in building and creating valuable solutions that are right for our clients. We believe in fostering and building relationships before making, with a client-centric approach keeping us grounded in our purpose to help others improve. We refuse to follow the status quo. We push for creative technology and creative solutions. We see opportunity where others don’t. Doing things the way they’ve always been done is not always the right way.

As a local Canadian company, we hold true to our mission and belief that locally operated and owned companies are best equipped to service the needs of your business. The world is continually changing, at GFI we continue to focus on collaborative innovation, adapting software and program needs to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Want to learn more about GFI Systems and how we can help your business? Sign up for a free 2-week demo today!

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