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Industries We Service 


We have a rich history of serving rural municipalities and are always looking for ways to enrich our client's fleet management capabilities.  We recognize the importance of transparency, safety, and accountability to our government clients and have a number of tools and features that were built to meet these unique needs. 




Construction is a very competitive industry, be a step ahead of your competition with a fleet management solution. Protect your assets and equipment, reduce your operational costs, increase efficiency and much more. 

Oil & Gas

Monitor your assets remotely, with a solution that fits all of your needs. Increase efficiency and financial optimization while also improving driver safety. With our oilfield maps we make logistics, routing and dispatch easier than ever for you and your employees. You gain more detail on road speeds, radio frequencies, height restrictions, winter access, and kilometer posts with GFI Systems solution, than with any other system. What is the result of this? Huge savings - in time, fuel, and manpower. We also provide directional drill lines, pipeline right of ways and more.


Trucking & Transport


Working closely with trucking companies for over 20 years, we are always looking for ways to enrich our client’s fleet management capabilities. Monitor your drivers and ensure driver safety with GFI Systems Solutions. Additionally, ensure compliance with any mandates, such as the upcoming Canadian ELD mandate. We recognize the importance of driver safety, compliance, and transparency and have a number of tools and features built to meet these needs. 

Landscaping &
Snow Removal

As your business grows, ensure that your bottom line is not impacted. With GFI Systems Solutions, track your assets, reduce operational costs and much more!




Track progress of where your drivers and deliveries are, optimize routes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Improve driver safety and reduce risks, there are many benefits to using a fleet management system. 

Pest Control

Being prepared for the job is more than just simply having equipment ready, easily locate your trucks or assets with GFI Systems Solutions. Want to know where you have been previously? By utilizing a fleet management system and GPS tracking running your business has never been easier! Plan your routes ahead of time, create geofences, improve fleet efficiency and much more. 




Know where your assets are located, easily track and locate any assets or vehicles. Optimize and improve crisis management with live maps. Fleet management solutions are not just for trucks but hold many benefits such as a reduction in operation costs, paperwork, response time and much more. 

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