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The all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system

Our fleet camera solution is designed to save lives with AI dash cams and driver assistance, real-time in-cab notifications, and an integrated driver behavior coaching system.


Vehicle Camera System Features

Live Stream Fleet Dash Cam Footage

See drivers and the road around them with live streaming and views from up to 5 fleet vehicle cameras at once (dash cams, outside cams, road-facing cams, and more)

Driver Coaching System

FleetCam® automates driver coaching and improves driver safety with DriveShield™, an app built to let drivers see their safety and distracted driving events and self-coach, involving fleet managers only when absolutely necessary.

Driver Behavior Videos

Automatically save video footage from all fleet camera angles when unwanted driver behavior (distracted driving, hard braking, texting, etc.) is detected.

Breadcrumb Trail Snapshots

Snapshot photos are captured from the fleet dash cams every 5 minutes and displayed along the vehicle's route line (breadcrumb trail) to provide an extra level of insight into the vehicle's activity.

View Video History Remotely

Fleet managers can stream historical video footage from the fleet dash cams and download clips right to your computer without having to physically access the vehicle.

Real-time In-Cab Alerts

AI fleet dash cams like FleetCam® offer in-cab audiovisual alerts to wake up drivers who are falling asleep and encourage them to keep their eyes on the road. FleetCam can also detect distracted driving, texting, enforce no-smoking policies, and more.

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Driver Behavior and Coaching

An AI fleet dash cam can give you all the benefits of driver coaching while avoiding the hassle. Our passive driver coaching system reduces unwanted behavior by training the drivers' intuitions and empowering them to coach themselves while offering an escalation path that keeps managers informed and in control.


In Cab Alerts

Audiovisual in-cab alerts, using AI and sensors, automatically tell the driver to stop or correct the behavior in real-time.


Training Courses

Training courses are available to increase safety awareness and improve driving habits that haven't been solved from in-cab alerts or self-coaching.



Drivers coach themselves by reviewing and acknowledging their driver safety events with the DriveShield™ app on their phone or by logging into the DriveShield™ web portal in a web browser.


Supervisor Intervention

Active intervention by a coach is reserved for the toughest cases if required.

Driver Behavior Events With FleetCam® AI Fleet Dash Cams

FleetCam® uses AI and sensors to detect unsafe driver behaviors. The DMS (driver monitoring system) continuously monitors the driver, while the ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) continuously monitors the road ahead.


Following Distance Warning

Driving too closely to the vehicle ahead

Forward Collision Warning

Accelerating too quickly relative to the vehicle ahead

Lane Departure

Vehicle changed lanes without signaling or drifted unintentionally over the line


Following Distance Warning

Driving too closely to the vehicle ahead

Driver Smoking

Driver smoking in the vehicle 

Driver Using Cell Phone 

Driver holding cell phone up to his/her ear

No Seat Belt

Driving with no seat belt detected 

Driver Distracted

Driver’s eyes are not sufficiently focused on the road 


Harsh Cornering

Vehicle turned a corner too harshly

Harsh Accelerating

Vehicle accelerated too harshly

Harsh Braking

Vehicle decelerated to harshly


Harsh Cornering

Vehicle-Battery voltage dropped below threshold

Harsh Accelerating

Vehicle accelerated too harshly

Harsh Braking

Vehicle decelerated to harshly



Custom power take-off event

No Driver Detected

Driver-facing dash cam cannot detect the driver 

Camera Covered

A vehicle camera view is completely obscured

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Stream Live & Past Video

Use remote access to stream from the vehicle fleet camera systems in real-time or view any moment of stored historical footage without having to physically access the vehicles.


Stream Live

Real-time vehicle camera streaming lets you see a vehicle's live video feed remotely. Stream up to 5 cameras from the same vehicle at one time and save video clips for later review.


Stream Historical

See any historic video that's currently in the camera's video data storage without having to physically access a vehicle's fleet camera system. It's like live streaming, but instead of watching what's happening now, you're watching what happened in the past.

Get a 360 degree view of your vehicles with up to 8 cameras.




A single device equipped with a road camera, driver camera, and built-in MDVR.


  • HD Video

  • HD Video

  • Infrared Night Vision

  • Compact Design

  • Optional A.I. Event Detection

Driver Cams


Mounted inside the vehicle and focused on the driver.


  • Tamper-resistant​

  • Infrared Night Vision *

  • HD Video

  • Optional A.I. event detection

* can even see the driver's eyes behind sunglasses

Road Cams


Windshield-mounted (inside) and pointed at the road.


  • Compact Design

  • Infrared Night Vision

  • HD Video

  • Optional A.I. event detection


Outside Cams


Mounted anywhere outside the vehicle for added viewing angles


  • Rugged Durable Construction

  • Waterproof (IP67 Rated)

  • Infrared Night Vision

Driver-Facing Dash Cam

The dome camera is mounted inside the vehicle and is typically focused on the driver. This fleet camera allows the picture to stay smooth and clear with its anti-vibration features. Infrared sensors show what’s happening even in total darkness, and the fleet camera’s audio can be configured to capture clear audio inside the cab.

Outside Cam

These compact, rugged cameras are mounted to the outside of the vehicle to provide a clear view of what’s happening on both sides. They’re IP67 rated, which means they’re dust-tight and waterproof. They’re also equipped with infrared lights for night vision up to 50 feet away from the vehicle.

Road-Facing Dash Cam

This state-of-the-art front windshield-mounted road camera is compact, lightweight, and rugged. It captures a crystal clear view of the road ahead thanks to its automatically controlled shutter speed, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more.

AI Dash Cam

Artificial intelligence cameras are available for all options of fleet cameras. AI cameras continuously scan the road and the driver for unsafe driving behaviors or events.

Happy Bus Driver

Avenir Light is a clean 

Extending Your Industry

In addition to the driver behavior coaching system, FleetCam® can be configured via digital inputs or PTO (Power Take-off) to start dash cam footage recordings of important events. Record clips when a box truck's cargo door is opened, when a tow truck hitches a vehicle, or when an emergency service vehicle turns on the siren.

Whether you're catching potential theft, proving services were completed, or something unique to your industry, FleetCam® can help you ensure your fleets are operating securely.

Ensuring Safety of School Buses

FleetCam® is the perfect dash cam solution for schools looking to make the safety of their students a top priority. School officials can see exactly what happened when there's a report about problematic behavior, get the full story from multiple dash cam angles with audio, automatically detect unsafe driver behavior, and use the recorded video clips to coach drivers on better techniques.

Most importantly, they can verify that students have safely entered or exited the bus by triggering events when the door is opened. When it comes to kids, there is no such thing as too safe.

Movers Carrying Packages


Tow Trucks

Trigger automatic video recording events when hitching vehicles.

Street Sweepers

See when illegally parked cars prevented cleaning from being completed.


Get video evidence that landscaping services were completed.

Emergency Services

Video evidence helps verify what happened at the scene by streaming live video from multiple angles.

Waste Management

Verify garbage collection completed its entire route through video evidence and GPS tracking.


Enhance the coordination of your commercial vehicles, assets, and mobile workforce with advanced telematics.

Operate a safer, happier fleet.


Improve Driver Reliability

Drivers are less likely to engage in risky or unwanted driving habits when they know they're being monitored with a fleet dash cam system.

Increase Driver Satisfaction

Reward drivers for safe driving habits and gain insight into tired drivers who may be better suited for a different shift.

Improve Driver Safety

An AI fleet dash cam system offers in-cab feedback that stops dangerous driving behavior as it occurs and conditions drivers to be more cautious while on the road.

Reduce Liability

Limit your liability and protect drivers from false claims with HD recordings of incidents from your fleet dash cam systems.

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