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Latitude trio map history


Premium fleet management software.

Centralized Fleet Management Done Right

You bet. Never miss a thing. With the best reporting times in the industry, you can sit back and watch your fleet units move on the map.

Start tracking your fleet

Start Tracking Your Fleet

Instead of relying on set time increments (eg. every 30 seconds), Latitude uses a complex algorithm triggered by changes in vehicle speed, direction, and input status to offer the best location reporting frequency in the industry. So, whether your GPS tracking data is sent via cellular or satellite networks, Latitude displays your vehicle’s movements right on your live map. Plus you’ll get details such as speed, direction, and brake use.

Cut fuel costs, build fleet safety, and boost productivity. View reports on idling, utilization, and driver behaviour instantly in Latitude, or schedule them to arrive in your inbox each day, week, or month.

Avoid breakdowns, void warranties, and reduced resale value. Maintenance reminders are triggered by time, mileage, or engine hours while service records track maintenance dates and costs.

Ditch the paper HOS logs for an electronic logging device (ELD) that’s 100% compliant. Drivers create inspection reports and update duty status using the app or in-cab hardware.

Go back in time for turn-by-turn fleet records. Perfect for resolving accident claims, ticket disputes, and work-hour discrepancies. Monitoring inputs? See when and where each one was used.

Assign jobs to specific drivers and ensure your fleet commitments are met on time and on budget. View your booked jobs by date, vehicle, or client, and track their status through to completion.

Assign drivers to specific vehicles and accessories and store employee details in one convenient location. Each employee can be given custom notification settings for crystal-clear communication channels.

Now Introducing: Canadian Oilfield Maps

Make logistics, routing, and dispatch easier than ever for you and your employees. We’re working with SkyBase Solutions to offer fully searchable oilfield PatchMaps that include LSDs, well sites, directional drill lines, radio frequencies, and more.

More roads & Better routes

More Roads & Better Routes

175,000 km more mapped roads provide more efficient route options. LSDs can be used directly as start & end points!

Exclusive Oilpatch Details

Exclusive Oilpatch Details

Gain access to road details such as radio frequencies, winter access, kilometer posts, directional drill lines, and more.

Site Types & Details

Site Types & Details

Each wellsite, plant site and compressor site is flush with details such as surface location, well name, and operator.

Additional Software 'Add-Ons'

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms

The easiest way to go paperless in the field! Increase internal transparency and have your existing paper forms digitized. You’ll gain form field validation, authenticity measures, photo attachments and in-vehicle printing.

Lone worker safety

Lone Worker Safety

Receive panic notifications and job timer alarms by phone, text, email and/or call-centre. Designed for remote locations and dangerous job sites, you’ll have your lone workers’ backs at all times via pendants, timers, or even wearables.

Driver ID

Driver ID

Add an extra level of security to your fleet. Ensure your vehicles are being operated by the correct drivers via assigned swipe cards or FOBs. Without driver authentication, vehicle alarms sound and managers are notified.

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