Protecting Your Assets from Theft with GPS Monitoring

Your fleet vehicles are at risk. Over 20,000 vehicles were stolen in Alberta last year alone and rates are ever-worsening. With GFI Systems, your vehicles gain an extra level of protection. You're able to locate your stolen vehicles and alert the police within minutes of any theft for accelerated recovery.

Catch them in the act! Alert a 24/7 call center or receive a text or email within seconds of your vehicle being turned on or driven after the specific time that you've set.


Track down your stolen vehicle's location and trace its movements on our live map. Location markers are updated every 6 seconds on average.


Know the second a thief tries to remove or tamper with the GPS tracking device securing your vehicle. You'll be sent an immediate email or text. 


Don't let them leave! Get text or email alerts sent to you or a 24/7 call center as soon as your vehicle leaves any customized area that you've geofenced. 


Unusually extreme speeds can be an excellent indicator of a stolen vehicle. Receive notice as soon as your vehicle is recorded exceeding any set speed threshold.   


Even if they yank out your GPS tracker and toss it into the backseat, you'll stay hot on their trail. A backup battery will keep your device powered on for up to 3 hours unplugged.