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Driver Performance
& Reporting

See at a glance who your safest drivers
are with our Driver Performance Charts.

As a business owner or fleet manager you’re most likely concerned about driver safety and compliance.  GFI Systems helps to address those concerns with the DPC Report. Each Driver Performance Chart uses an advanced algorithm to give you a clear understanding of your drivers’ road safety behaviour.

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Weighted Driver Scorecard utilizing infraction data (speed, harsh accel, decel, extreme speed)

Summary of entire fleet performance based on road surface

Monthly travel statistics and

Top 10 utilized units per month

Fleet Statistics including all units in motion,

hours, idle hours and inactive hours


1. Simple Scoring

Each driver is assigned a driver score, which indicates how safe their on-road behaviour is. While the algorithm behind that driver score is pretty complex and ever improving, it all boils down to one number and the  lower that score, the safer the driving behaviour.

2. Violation Quantity

The more a driver breaks policy, the higher his score.

3. Violation Duration

There’s a big difference between “Oops I didn’t notice the sign, I better slow down” and “Damn! I slept in, I need to cut my trip time in half.” Drivers who only violate policy for a few minutes accumulate far fewer points towards their driver score than their chronic-speeder colleagues.

4. Violation Severity

It’s not just about how many times a driver hits the gas too hard. It’s also about how hard they hit it. A driver that speeds up slightly in order to pass isn’t going to be penalized nearly as much as that wanna-be racecar driver you have on the team.


5. Road Type

You probably agree that gravel roads can be far more dangerous than other road types like divided highways. Well, our DPC reports reflect this by tracking what type of surface each violation occurred on and assigning more points for dangerous surfaces such as gravel

6. Utilization Considered

Some driver score systems simply tally up the number of policy violations and call it a day. We take it about a hundred steps further.

Your active drivers shouldn’t be penalized for working hard. That’s why we compare the quantity, severity, duration, and road type, of each driver’s violations with the overall distance he’s travelled. 


This means that your active drivers will have a little more leeway with minor infractions. They won’t see their driver score rise quite as much as less active drivers will.


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