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Peace of Mind Can Be Bought, And It Pays For Itself

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

So there you are, 9 AM on a Tuesday, telling your crew lead that if this is his idea of a good prank call, he better not quit his day job, because this just isn’t funny.

But you know that he’s not joking. He’s not that clever. You tell him you’ll be there in fifteen minutes, and you hang up the phone.

You let loose every curse you’ve ever learned since you were in junior high. And then a couple you made up on the spot. Then, you dial the police.

If you’ve worked in the construction industry, you probably know exactly what that call was about.

Alberta boasts 29% of all auto thefts in Canada, and it’s an unfortunate reality that construction theft is just as common, if not more so. If you’re lucky, your company hasn’t lost equipment to thieves, but chances are that you know at least one company that has, even if yours hasn’t.

With no provincial or federal registration program for heavy equipment, it could take months for stolen equipment to be recovered, if it’s recovered at all.

Skid steers are among the most commonly stolen pieces of equipment taken from construction sites. They are easy to load, generically keyed, and are in high demand for resale. Machines can cost anywhere from $20,000 – $80,000, and in some cases more.

That’s a lot to lose. Not to mention idle crew time, client delays, and the cost of a rental or replacement unit.

Red miniature tractor shovel

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Let’s rewind to Tuesday, 9 AM. Your crew lead has called to let you know that your loader has gone missing. You tell him to hang on, you’ll call him back, and in the meantime he can get started on a different part of the project.

Once you hang up the phone, you call our GPS Support Team. With a few clicks of a button, we’re able to locate the machine (and you’re right, it’s definitely not where you left it), and give you coordinates on where it is.

You call the police, meet them on location, and recover your machine. You get it back on site, back to work, and you’re back on schedule. (And, the police get their man.)

Crisis averted.

If you think that sounds too easy, consider that for one of our Edmonton clients, it’s not just a cautionary tale. In early 2019 they had two machines go missing within weeks of each other.

The first loader did not have a GPS modem, and was never recovered.

The second loader, however, was equipped with a modem. Our support team was able to locate the machine in seconds (from inside of a storage facility, no less). Based on the evidence provided by the active GPS pinpoint, the police were able to issue a search warrant the same day, accessing the storage facility and recovering the machine.

Lost and found in less than 24 hours.

Tracking your fleet isn’t just about keeping tabs on where your drivers and operators are. It’s about adding Peace of Mind to your daily routine; knowing that even when things don’t go as planned, you have a plan for that, too.

You can’t afford to have your equipment stolen, but you can afford to sleep better at night (in your own bed, and not in your equipment) knowing you’re in good hands. Talk to us to see how we can make equipment recovery, and much more, fit your business and budget.

Ready for Peace of Mind but not ready to commit? You don’t have to take our word on it. No one knows your company like you do, and we want you to know you’re making the right choice for your business. Try our 2 Week Free Demo and see for yourself how we can be the right solution for you.

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