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We have a rich history of serving rural municipalities and are always looking for ways to enrich our client's fleet management capabilities.

GFI Systems' Fleet Management Features for Municipalities

  We recognize the importance of transparency, safety, and accountability to our government clients and have a number of tools and features that were built to meet these unique needs.

Grader Tracking & Mapping

With an average reporting frequency of 6 seconds, you'll see your equipment move on the map right before your eyes. View units in real-time, or through our history replay feature where you can filter based on specific speeds and I/O events.

Easily track equipment such as graders for:

  • Comprehensive real-time data to streamline grading and plowing operations

  • Highly accurate digital maps with sections layers and satellite views

  • Township and range road details

Comprehensive Data

Watch as data is collected in real time on equipment operation factors such as

  • Speed

  • Engine Hours

  • Ignition Status

  • Grade Distance/Time

  • Plow Distance/Time

  • Highblade Distance/Time

Location Marking

Through the use of an integrated switch box, your operators can easily mark specific locations with:

  • Obstructions

  • Plugged Culverts

  • Gravel Issues

  • Damaged/Missing Signs

  • Other Custom Issues

After Hours Alarms

Ensure your units are not in use when they are not supposed to be.

You will be sent an email or text anytime a unit is turned on or moved after the hours you set to prevent:

  • Theft

  • Staff Misuse

Safety Reports

Focus your safety initiatives more effectively through the information you gain through our simple reporting options.

Export basic reports on data such as:

  • Staff Infractions

  • Overall Fleet Performance

Ready to make fleet management more manageable?

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