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7 Things To Look For When Searching For A Fleet Tracking Solution

Searching for a fleet tracking solutions company can seem like a daunting task. Each company advertises something unique, and something similar to all the others. When faced with the onslaught of information and software, how do you determine what’s right for your business and best suited to your fleet?


We’ve compiled a list of things that we think you should be comparing when you look at different software providers.

Data Retention

Data Retention

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

When it comes to data retention, not all companies are created equal. 

Some companies retain data for a set amount of time, usually in increments of several months to a year. Other companies charge extra fees to retain data.

Data may not seem important to hold on to right now but it can come in handy for a number of reasons.

Court cases for incidents and driving infractions can take months to be reviewed. Your data is never more relevant than when you need it to defend your fleet and drivers. Data that’s deleted before you know you need it could be the difference between success and loss.

Driver reviews and returning employees can be strongly influenced by driving records, including speeding, driving infractions, and driver efficiency. All of which can be demonstrated through the data retained by your fleet solution. 

We believe you should have access to your data. 

Whether we collect the data and share it with you for you to use or you use our application to see it, it’s your data and we are happy to give it to you. Regardless if it was collected yesterday or five years ago.



Your needs are unique. The features that you use should be relevant to your needs. Many companies offer software packages that either have too many features that clutter up your space and cost you money that you don’t need to spend. Or you’re charged extra fees to get the features you actually do need on top of the basic software. 

The software you choose should be fully functional to the requirements of your business. More isn’t always better, and less isn’t always more efficient. 

Find a solution that gives you what you need to make your business a success.

Company Location

Photo by Billy Hudy on Unsplash

What does a software company in Ontario and an oilfield company in Alberta have in common? 

Not a whole lot. 

So why are you going to a company halfway across the country for solutions in your own backyard? 

Where a company comes from matters. The people who work in your community are the ones who work best in your community, are nearby for help, and understand the needs specific to your environment.

Cloud Vs Bluetooth

Cloud Vs Bluetooth

With the rise of ELDs and the changing requirements for fleet safety, how your modem communicates with your software is vital. When it comes to tracking your fleet, you can’t afford black out periods. Which is why it matters if your modems communicate with your handheld and desktop devices through local (bluetooth) or through cellular connections. 

Cellular connections, operated through the cloud, are unreliable in areas without cellular connections. A lost connection means lost data, loss of efficiency, and lost communication between your worker on the road and your team in the office. 

Cloud based solutions experience software errors in Northern parts of Alberta and BC, where cellular towers are often out of range. Drivers in these parts can be out of range for minutes, hours, and in some cases days. When returning to cellular range, the software is known to lose data and cause inconvenient log outs and reboots.

Local connection GPS communicates directly through a bluetooth or wired connection, and eliminates an unnecessary risk to your company and your employees.

Modem Connection Frequency

Modem Connection Frequency

Photo by Marnee Wohlfert on Unsplash

The average vehicle accident takes less than a minute. 60 seconds is all it takes for everything to change. 

Speed matters.

So why would you settle for a software that has a modem connection frequency (also known as a ping rate) of 1 minute, or longer? 

Check with the software provider on how frequently the modem communicates with the system, and how frequently you can expect to see the vehicles move while you’re tracking them. 

The shorter the ping rate, the more efficiently you can monitor your fleet.

Contracts and Pricing

Contracts and Pricing

Everyone knows that almost everything comes down to price. The perfect software might not be for you if the price isn’t right. But more than price, make sure the contract lengths are right for your business. 

The best option is to have no contract, and be able to make monthly changes as needed. 

Contract prices may seem cheaper in the short term, but they add up when you find a couple months into your contract that the system you chose isn’t the right one for you. 

Most Fleet Tracking companies are priced competitively, but take the time to make sure you know all the costs. Contracts, hidden fees, and price increases can all take a heavy toll in the long term.

Demo Options

Play before you pay! Find a company that offers a demo of their service before you choose them. Taking time to see the program up front, explore it in depth, and have time to ask questions can make all the difference.

In fact, here are GFI, we offer a free two week demo, one of the longest demos in the market, to show you how our software really does make a difference.

Learn how our system can benefit your company, and help you succeed.

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