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GFI whereQube OBD LTE CAT-M 87 Series

for OBD-ll “Plug & Play” Passenger/ Light Duty Vehicles

LTE Cat.M1 & Cat.NB1 & EGPRS with Fallback Vehicle Tracking

Experience easy installation and economical, but highly reliable vehicle tracking with GFI Systems’ GFI 3030 BTZ3 device. This unit delivers an ideal solution for those looking to easily reduce fleet costs and manage driver behaviour. 

Competitive Price, Advanced Technology

As a full feature tracking device, the GFI 3030 BTZ3 is incredibly small and compact. However, this does not detract from its GPS tracking capabilities. 

Not only does it have a built-in ODB-II interface and Speed Buzzer, but the GFI 3030 BTZ3 also has a high performing 3-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth capabilities. These features allow the device to access vehicle diagnostic data, track vehicle speed and location, connect via Bluetooth, alert Drivers of violations, and detect hard braking, cornering, and acceleration. High quality internal antennas for cellular and GPS connectivity make installation extremely quick and simple. Anti-Tamper capabilities go a long way towards ensuring theft recovery and driver accountability.

Reporting data is transmitted across cellular networks using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging to provide a reliable communication link between the device and GFI Systems’ fleet management software. The GFI 3030 BTZ3 is designed to dramatically reduce operation costs, while significantly improving field reliability in company vehicles.

GFI 3030 BTZ3


  • High quality cellular and GPS connectivity

  • Accelerometer for driver behavior and impact detection

  • Over-the-air configuration and firmware downloads

  • Low power sleep mode <5 mA

  • Anti-tamper detection

  • Built-in cellular and GPS antennas for easy installation

  • OBD-II connector for vehicle diagnostic data

  • Pre-impact data capture

  • OBD-II comprehensive I/O

  • 10-Second Plug & Go Installation

Proactive Monitoring

The GFI 3030 BTZ3 uses an industry leading on-board alert engine to monitor external conditions and support customer-defined exception-based rules 
to meet your application requirements. It is also able to monitor the vehicle environment and respond instantaneously to pre-defined thresholds related to time, date, motion, location, and more.

Over-The-Air Updates

GFI’s GFI 3030 BTZ3 leverages an advanced management and maintenance system for over-the-air configuration, rule, and firmware updates. The configuration and automatic post-installation upgrades monitor unit health across your entire fleet to identify issues before they become real problems.

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