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GFI 4230 Device

GFI Systems GPS Tracking Unit with ELD Compatibility & Custom I/O Options

GFI Systems’ 4230 device provides the features, expandability, flexibility, and intelligence to meet all of your ever changing fleet management needs for trucks, vans, and hybrid vehicles. Achieve ELD compliance and lower the cost of growing your fleet management program with the GFI 4230 device.

Competitive Price, Advanced Technology

Designed to support a vast number of fleet features, this full feature tracking device delivers optimum GPS tracking capabilities along with cellular, wifi, Bluetooth, and satellite connectivity options. Plus, its high performing 3-axis accelerometer allows the unit to detect hard braking, acceleration, cornering and vehicle impacts

Installing peripheral data devices is made easy with serial ports that supply switchable power at selectable voltages. Optional vPOD and jPOD  Engine Control Unit ports give you the option to read and transmit either light duty or heavy-duty engine condition and performance data such as engine temperature and fault codes.

Reporting data is transmitted across cellular networks using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging to provide a reliable communication link between the active GFI 4230 device and GFI Systems’ fleet management software.

GFI 4230


  • Superior cellular and GPS connectivity quality

  • Accelerometer for driver behavior and impact detection

  • 20,000 buffered messages

  • Over-the-air configuration and firmware downloads

  • Low power sleep mode <5 mA

  • Switched power serial ports

  • Covert installation options

  • Theft protection

  • Comprehensive I/O system with 8 inputs and 7 outputs

  • OBD-II or J1939 connection for vehicle diagnostic data (model specific)

  • Optional Bluetooth


The GFI 4230 uses an industry leading on-board alert engine to monitor
external conditions and support customer-defined exception-based rules.
It is able to monitor your vehicle environment and respond instantaneously
to pre-defined thresholds related to time, date, motion, location, input and


GFI’s GFI 4230 device leverages an advanced management and maintenance system for over-the-air configuration, rule, and firmware updates. The configuration and automatic post-installation upgrades monitor unit healthacross your entire fleet to identify issues before they become real problems.

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