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Fleet Management System Calgary

Delivery vehicles are the foundation of success for businesses in the logistics industry. Companies soon learn to rely on better fleet management systems, so they better outcomes. How do you know you need a fleet management system in Calgary? Do you wait for the vehicles to break down completely, or do you attract many negative comments? Let us look at these signs in detail to know when to receive help and boost your business.

Signs you need a fleet management system

Problematic dispatch system

GPS tracking should help you launch out the truck and monitor it throughout the journey. You need a system that allows you to log in to the different dispatch dates and times, schedule trips, and assist with sending automated messages to drivers and other relevant staff. The best thing is we have a natural time system for all staff to collect real-time data and influence positive change.

It is time to get a new fleet management system if you do not have time to sit at the office and connect all the different drivers with details. Our software will do more than a bare minimum because you can log in and store massive amounts of data, monitor vehicle health, and include the drivers’ safety. The system makes it easy for different players to add or change the data, so other people can pull and view it on their own devices.

Poor safety

The drivers should have the highest risk factor while working, especially if they drive long hours. An increase in accidents, poor reputation, and bad returns is a sure sign that you need to do something about the fleet management system.

Our trackers improve safety because they boost your score and curb dangerous driving. The system has features to help you monitor drivers, curb speeding, and coach employees as much as necessary to boost production.

Expanding the business

The fleet management system is a great addition when you want to increase the number of vehicles. Our goal is to help you automate all the different assets so you have an efficient tracking system. The features offer a great deal for you to maximize your schedule planning and asset distribution. The modern digital system makes it easy for you to get notifications, prevent unauthorized use and keep a keen track of all kinds of deliveries and pickups.

Resource wastage

How much fuel can you expect from us in one dispatch job? Most companies can keep track of the fuel usage with a few vehicles, but things could lose control when you have more than a sizable number for your team. Our tools have a fuel integration system for you to smoothly and efficiently curb excessive idling and reduce fuel wastage.

We have several ways for you to prevent and predict the fleet’s activities. We do this by inputting preventive maintenance schedules like brake replacements and engines.

There are way too many reasons you should upgrade your fleet management system, including overwhelming complexity or the inability to scale it up. Contact us if you have any doubts about your current fleet management system, and we will give you a clear breakdown of what you need to improve.

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