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Electronic Logging Vancouver

New technology often has a ton of rumors and questions when people do not understand its mandate or functioning. For this reason, we are breaking down everything about the electronic logging system, so you have an easy way to track, manage, and share different statuses of the job.

Some people imagine prohibitive habits, complicated usage, and loss of working hours as you figure out a tight service routine. As a result, newbie users will constantly panic and complete paralysis when they cannot add and make better use of new vehicles and resources.

Let us tackle some of the most challenging issues so you know what to expect.

Everything about the electronic logging system

What is an electronic logging system?

The ELD is a hot topic because it is an innovative digital system that allows companies to track hours, resources, and staff. Most companies need the ELD when they want to track specific vehicles and comply with all the different transport rules. Using the system allows you to avoid the expected consequences of fines and penalties and improve transportation.

Details to add to the ELD

Some systems are more complicated than others, but the most basic ones will meet the transport regulations' bare minimum. You should be able to log in to the following kinds of data with the most straightforward ELD software in Vancouver:

  • The locations of vehicles at different stages of the route

  • The engine’s on or off status

  • A change in staff

  • The delivery or travel route

Can you identify data tampering?

The ELD should note when you have a change in driving, such as prolonged stops or changes to the drivers’ schedule. You can use this platform to compare, keep track of different data logs and make sure there is an adherence to the schedule and routes. These tools will help managers prevent the sabotage of different data and devices while preventing potentially dangerous situations.

Manage work routines

A big goal of the ELD system is to stay compliant with work regulations. We have the features that meet the bare minimum for the system, so you can monitor different staff performances and accomplish your day or night shift goals.

This option means you will help your drivers manage their work schedule better, so they do not overwork themselves or enter the wrong details. It is essential to spend time-saving all the different drivers and fleets to increase revenue and improve overall efficiency. Our electronic logging should also help you save money. After all, you do not have to keep up with a bunch of paperwork, call drivers to communicate changes of pay for extra hours because someone mistakenly entered the wrong number of hours.

How do you choose the right ELD?

How do you choose the right one to meet all of the above needs and more? Check out the free demo of GFI Systems and learn more about how it fits into your business without paying a single cent for the first two weeks of trial usage. Contact us for more information.

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