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ELD Trucking Toronto

GFI Systems is better known for being the leader in location-based technology of Vancouver. Our foundation took place more than 25 years ago, and since that moment we have sought to be a reference for vehicle GPS tracking through values such as innovation, integrity, respect and reliability.

Our success is entirely thanks to those who have supported and trusted us, throughout all these years. We focus on establishing long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and excellence.

For us, it's extremely important to make sure that all our products and services are delivered with the best quality ever and a customer attention that will make you want to come again for more!

If you need some support, or have any doubt, our team of experts will be at your order to help with anything you like. We're here to help you!

Get to know more about our electronic logging devices (ELD)

First of all, you need to know what the ELD mandate is about in case you don't! Well, this is simply a regulation that states all operators of commercial motor vehicles under this law will be forced to use ELDs.

GFI Systems brings you a fully compliant solution so that you can make sure your driver's HOS (hours of service) are being properly monitored and reported. The reason of this mandate is principally avoiding traffic accidents because of fatigued drivers and increasing the efficiency of commercial activity.

This is, accountability and safety are the two principal factors of why this regulation was highly necessary. With our ELD for trucks you can leave your worries behind and know certainly that your fleet is 100% HOS compliant.

Get our GFI ELD!

It is extremely imperative that you choose a fully compliant solution, like ours. The electronic logging devices we offer are 100% certified (FMCSA certification and Canadian compliance when all the requirements are met).

It also features DVIR support, bringing a lot more safety to your fleet with Schedule 1 inspection reports. Our ELD are super friendly to new users and easy for truck operator to manage.

As a carrier, you will be able to see the real time of HOS status from the admin portal and you can access from various platforms available in Android, iOS and desktop.

Anyway, you won't have to worry so much because our technical support team will be always ready to clear your doubts and help you give your ELD a better use.

Some people say ELDs are just the first step of a whole evolution in the transport and commercial industry. We are committed to the advance of technology in this area so we could see in just a few more years a lot of greater options through the creative and innovative solutions that characterize us.

Contact us

Don't hesitate! Call us now at 1.855.434.4477 or send us an electronic email to in which you tell us your needs so we could help you! Get in touch with us in order to acquire the ultimate route planning device your looking for...

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