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ELD Device Vancouver

GFI Systems, initially a paper mapping company, started this incredible journey no less than 25 years ago on the beautiful Canadian prairies. But if you’re looking for an ELD Device Vancouver provider, you’ve come to the right place…

Just like that, a few decades later, we are proudly recognized as leaders in vehicle GPS tracking or any kind of location-based technology. Of course, this couldn’t have been possible without our clients and with our hard work towards constant innovation.

We seek to significantly improve the lives of our clients with the technology we offer. We firmly believe in the power of technology innovation in creating a safer world for everybody.

Those who have already worked with us, know well that we characterize ourselves for values such as integrity, reliability, respect, and innovation.

This means we care so much about doing the right thing every single time even if “nobody’s watching”, making sure that our products and services have the highest quality without any exceptions, showing our clients and partners thankfulness and courtesy every time, and looking to the future as a constant growth opportunity.

GPS fleet management system

Using a fleet tracker system has been proved to improve activity in 76% of the fleets taken into account in a recent survey. The benefits of using GPS trackers for fleets are many. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Efficiency and profit will be improved: tracking your fleet will assure you that everything’s exactly as it should be.

  • Live location and traffic data will be shown: having an asset tracking system will give both you and your drivers immediate access to real-time traffic data, helping you prevent delays and downtimes.

  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs will be perceived: by eliminating unnecessary mileage you will save a lot of money for your business. It will also help you track driving behavior, considering that speed is such an important factor in fuel efficiency. This innovative technology may also contribute to avoiding breakdowns and reducing maintenance-related accidents.

  • Automatization of that boring paperwork: our GPS trackers will perfectly work with electronic forms and ELD platforms.

And the list goes on and on…

Why should you choose GFI Systems ELD Solution over other competitors?

In the first place, our solution is 100% certified. Don’t leave it to chance! You will be able to uphold fleet safety with accurate inspection reports. Our solution is designed to provide you with driver ease of use…

Besides, you will simplify fuel reporting by using integrated IFTA data and reports. And you can also get supported with oilfield and state-specific exemptions.

In case you need some help, our trained staff will be there to support you actively. Platforms are available for Android, iOS, and desktop and you will have the capability of controlling ELD app settings on any mobile device.

Contact us!

There’s no doubt we are the safest option for what you’re looking for! Reach us and we will answer all of your questions and requirements: and meet our Team:

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