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Certified ELD Canada

Get the Finest Certified ELD in Canada

Maintaining RODS (record of duty status) and Hours of Service (HOS) records is essential for most commercial and transportation companies. If your business employs commercial vehicles, weighing more than 10K pounds, or carrying more than 8 passengers, it is certainly mandatory for you to properly maintain these controls.

After the Canadian ELD mandate came into force, companies must carry these monitors through ELD certified electronic logging devices. It is therefore a must that you select a top certified Canadian ELD provider to equip your fleet with these devices. Among the different alternatives in the market, you will not find better ELOG or ELD devices than the ones we provide at GFI Systems. You should learn more about our equipment, so you know why we provide the leading certified ELD in Canada.

Why Choose GFI Systems ELOGS and ELDs?

Full Compliance

Our equipment is designed and manufactured according to Canadian and U.S. regulatory guidelines. Both our GFI 4230 and our Latitude software are fully compliant with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Canada Transport guidelines. Besides, they are electronic logging devices (ELD) certified by a recognized Canada ELD third-party certification body. This ensures that when you install our solutions you will be fully compliant with the standard and that you will be able to operate without problems throughout North America.

Easy to Install & Use

GFI Systems' ELOG and ELD devices are designed to be user-friendly. Installation is simple and non-invasive, and in just minutes the equipment will be seamlessly attached to the vehicle's engine, transmitting data to wherever you want it to go. The user interface of the onboard tablet is very intuitive and easy to operate, allowing the driver to handle it without any problems. Also, the Latitude software is easy to set up, and you will be able to obtain valuable information that will not only keep your HOS reports up to date. You will also be able to get different reports that will help you improve your business.

A Friendly System

We think about optimizing your costs, and that's why we designed ELOG and ELD devices to be completely friendly. You can control ELD app settings from any mobile device through the admin portal, using any operating system including Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. Our flagship product, the GFI 4230 is already recommended for fleet management and GPS tracking. So you can get the most out of our ELOG and ELD systems for your business, without the need for accessories or additional hardware.

Enhanced Data

We design ELOG and ELD systems that give you much more than HOS compliance. Our equipment sends valuable information to Latitude software, which is sure to help you improve your business. You can improve fleet safety with enhanced reports. You can also analyze and improve routes, gain time efficiency and improve fuel consumption. With the right HOS monitoring, you can have an energetic and productive workforce and maximize both their working hours and their available time.

Trust the Experts

If you're looking for the best Certified ELD solution in Canada, you're in the right place. For over 20 years, GFI Systems has positioned itself as Canada's leading provider of tracking, information, and telecommunications solutions for businesses. Let the best ELOG and ELD systems keep you fully compliant, and help drive your business to the top. Contact us to request a free demo and learn how our system can benefit your business.

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