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Certified ELD Alberta

Get the Best Certified ELD in Alberta


After the Canadian ELD mandate came into force, all trucking companies that used to keep records of vehicle operation and driver activities need to look for certified electronic logging devices for compliance with this regulation.

However, there are still many business owners and people in enterprises in general who have questions about the features and functions of this equipment. It is therefore essential to understand all about ELDs, and also know where you can find a top certified Canadian ELD provider.

Top-7 FAQs About ELDs

1. What is an ELD?​

An ELD is an electronic device used in commercial vehicles (trucks) that replaces traditional activity logging methods. An ELD simply and accurately records the HOS that both fleet operators and drivers are required by law to maintain.

2. Is an ELD a Control Device?

No. ELDs are data logging devices, and at no time do they interfere with driver activities or vehicle operation. They simply record data, a daily task already required. Now, this data collection is done automatically by the ELD.

3. How Does an ELD Work?

These devices connect to the truck's engine and record data related to the driving activity, including the hours of service (HOS). It also updates the driver's logs, so dispatchers have real-time visibility of available hours and violation risks. Hours of service information is not only sent to dispatchers but is also available on the in-cab tablet for the driver to view or present at a roadside inspection.


4. What Data Does an ELD Collect?

These devices record a variety of information, which allows for accurate hours of service reporting, maximizing the driver's available hours. These include vehicle identification, geographic location, ignitions on and off, driver identification, movement intervals, and engine diagnostics, among others.

5. Who Should Use ELDs?

Basically all commercial transportation is required to maintain RODS (record of duty status). In other words, all those drivers who previously kept manual paper logs now do so through ELDs. This includes commercial vehicles, vehicles with hazardous cargo, vehicles weighing more than 10K pounds, and vehicles with more than 8 passengers, among others.

6. What Are the Benefits of ELDs?


In addition to compliance, fleets and drivers can reduce time spent on paperwork, have faster roadside inspections, drive safer, and gain greater overall fleet efficiency, among others.

7. What is Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Certification?

To ensure that every vehicle in a fleet that is in operation is equipped with a compliant ELD, ELDs must be verified and certified by a third-party certification body. To achieve Canada ELD third-party certification, that body must be accredited to ISO/IEC 17065.

Get a Top Certified ELD in Alberta

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