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Asset Tracking Canada

Get the Leading Asset Tracking in Canada

Your company's equipment, vehicles, and assets are the cornerstone of your business. That's why it's vital to be able to track them, to prevent theft in the first place, or to help you find them quickly. Also, monitoring your assets will allow you to generate metrics that will help you increase productivity, efficiency and improve your cost structure.

Nowadays, the method par excellence for monitoring equipment and machines is using hardware/software tracking solutions. Among the different alternatives you will find in the market, none will surpass the solutions we have for you at GFI Systems. You should learn more about our products, so you know why we provide the top asset tracking in Canada.

Top-5 Benefits of GFI Systems Asset Tracking Solutions

1. Easy to Install

While our asset & fleet vehicle tracking systems are powerful, they are minimally invasive and easy to install. In the case of our light devices like the GFI-3030 for example, it will take you no more than 30 seconds to install. Even in the case of our more robust models such as the GFI 4220, you will simply need a simple wired installation.

2. More Features

The enterprise asset tracking systems are developed with state-of-the-art technologies, always seeking to provide more added value to our customers. That is why our equipment has more and better features than other tracking systems on the market. In all our models, for example, you will find these common features

  • GPS

  • Cellular Network Antenna

  • Motion Detection

  • Accelerometer

  • Backup-Battery

  • Speed Buzzer

  • OBD-II Connectivity

  • Anti-Tamper Detection

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Our monitoring systems are not based on set time increments. Instead, GFI Systems developed a complex algorithm for our top-notch asset management software Latitude. This algorithm is triggered by various factors such as speed, direction, and input status, providing more complete and real-time information about your vehicles and assets.

4. More Data

Understanding that assets and asset monitoring are a vital part of your business, we enable our combination of hardware and software to give you much more than just the location of your assets. In addition to location and movement, you will have other valuable details such as speed, direction, brake usage, idling, utilization, and driver behavior. This will allow you to analyze improvement points to build better fleet safety, reduce fuel consumption, and map out better routes, for example.

5. Versatility

GFI systems equipment is designed to track your assets, regardless of the type of assets they are. Our light equipment will allow you to track any type of light and medium-duty vehicle. Other models will help you track anything from a truck to an airplane. And if you want to keep track of unpowered assets, we have equipment like the SmartOne C, with which you can keep track of containers and mobile equipment.

Get the Best Asset Tracking in Canada

Since 1992 GFI Systems has prided itself on helping Canadian businesses grow through the best telecommunications, information, and monitoring solutions. This has positioned us as the benchmark company in asset tracking, thanks to the extraordinary quality of our solutions. Let us help you boost your business and make it more secure and productive. Contact us to request a free demo and learn how our system can benefit your business.

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