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Image by Ashley Whitlatch


The most affordable and feature rich tracker on the market. The SmartOne C allows for intelligent management of both fixed and mobile assets. Small, easy to mount and configurable for a wide variety of frequency rates to drive operational efficiency and security.

Improve your company’s bottom line by maximizing resource and asset efficiency with cloud based mapping services.


Have powered or non-powered assets that are either fixed or mobile? The SmartOne C is an affordable, practical way of tracking such assets to increase efficiency and reduce or eliminate losses incurred through asset theft. Use the SmartOne C to track anything from bulk shipping containers and trailers, to vehicles and boats. With 12 different reporting
times, custom operation modes, and low battery notifications, the SmartOne C can be configured to the specific tracking needs of any asset.


The SmartOne C can be line-powered to an external power source, or it can rely on battery power. Backup battery power will automatically switch on if there is ever an absence, interruption, or failure of line-power. This ensures that your asset data transmissions continue uninterrupted. When
line-powered, you’ll have ultimate flexibility to customize your messaging frequency for closer monitoring of asset location.


Motion sensors and GPS positioning within the SmartOne C collect and transmit asset data. Each SmartOne C is setup to track and provideintermediate and emergency alerts on asset status by email or text.


  • Quick Installation

  • No need for harnesses, external power, or antennas

  • Automatic location alert

  • Satellite cost reduction mode

  • GPS re-centering with on/off

  • Accepts TTL from inputs

  • Operates on 10-48 volts DC

  • Wake, GPS locate, resume sleep, and other customizable alerts

  • Up to 12 reporting times

  • Low battery message

  • Diagnostic messages

  • Interval or 24 hour operation

  • Alternate reporting scheduling

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