GPS Fleet Tracking Toronto

GPS Fleet Tracking Toronto

GPS fleet tracking software is used by businesses in transportation industries to monitor company assets, including trucks, vehicles, equipment, and drivers. Here at GFI, our GPS Fleet Tracking software is a game-changer. Ou software gives you easy access to real-time data using dashboards. It’s quick to set up and can be managed using any device.

What We Provides

At GFI, we go the extra mile to provide GPS Tracking software at an affordable price. We strive to be the best, from the products and solutions themselves to our customer support.

  • We’ll enhance driver and vehicle safety.
  • We’ll comply with laws and industry standards.
  • We’ll help you maintain your fleet with our platforms.
  • We guarantee the optimal efficiency of your fleet.
  • We’ll help you gain insight into your fleet with our add-ons.

Why Use Our GPS Fleet Tracking 

GFI offers superior fleet tracking software. Our web-based GPS tracking software lets you easily follow your vehicles turn by turn and gauge how long they stop at a particular location. Still not convinced? Here are other reasons why you should choose our fleet tracking software.

Relentless Customer Care

At GFI, we keep close contact with your business so that you don’t have to call us when any problem arises with your GPS tracking service. We try to understand your business so we can predict your needs.

Eliminate Waste & Theft 

We strive to provide anti-theft solutions through our cloud-based tracking software—no more guessing. You will always know where your trucks or vehicles are with our GPS tracking solution. 

Lower Fuel Costs

Our tracking solutions allow you to keep your drivers on course and enable you to track your vehicles for non-business purposes. We can help you avoid traffic, track your driver’s routes, and limit engine idle time with our fleet tracking software.

Improve Safety

Our fleet tracking software lets you know how long your fleet drivers have been operating. Now drivers can avoid accidents and injury from more driving times and meeting FCMSA requirements.

Lower Labor Costs

Our fleet tracking software allows you to track drivers’ exact worked hours and hours not worked. It lets you detect time-sheet fraud, discover prolonged breaks, and get overtime costs under control while reducing your paperwork.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our fleet tracking solutions help you reduce the costs of vehicle breakdowns by ensuring your fleet operates efficiently. You can schedule alarms with our system to notify you when each vehicle or truck is due for service.

Other reasons to use our GPS fleet tracking software includes:

  • Save money on insurance
  • Reduce unneeded overtime. 
  • Know where your drivers are in real-time
  • Reduce unauthorized driving, side jobs, and personal use.

Contact GFI For GPS Fleet Tracking Toronto 

Here at GFI, we don’t just provide a GPS fleet tracking system; we also offer solutions. We’ll work with you and your employees to understand your business and customize a solution that fits your needs, offer installation help, and provide personalized training. 

Contact us today at 1.855.434.4477 for your GPS fleet tracking software in Toronto. 

GPS Fleet Tracking Toronto

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