Working at GFI Systems.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate, ambitious people to join our team.

There are jobs and there are careers. The GFI Systems team is made up of talented, driven professionals that care about more than taking home a paycheque. We’re all here because we know we matter, we love what we do, and we know our careers will grow. Its up to every one of us to move this company forward. So come join us in our quest to create a safer world through location-based technologies.

Employee Perks!

We know that people are our most valuable asset and love to get creative in the way we reward and inspire our employees. In addition to our convenient downtown location, encouraging team culture, and focus on innovation, those that choose to build their careers with GFI Systems benefit from the following:

•  Noon-hour yoga
•  Flexible work hours
•  Monthly team lunches
•  Generous vacation time


•  Quarterly team-building events
•  Community volunteering
•  Full-coverage health benefits
•  Office potlucks


Meet Our Team



Software Developer

Alejandro has worked as a developer since graduating from Mechatronic Engineering in 2014. He enjoys technology, Sci-Fi movies, and hackathons.



Software Developer

Amshu is an Edmonton Oilers fan born in Nepal. He took computer engineering at the UofA and enjoys camping, cooking, and travelling.



Client Service Rep.

Autumn has 5+ years of IT experience and a diploma in Digital Media and IT. She enjoys painting watercolours, drinking wine, and playing with her cat.



Client Service Rep.

Bailey recently re-joined the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for 7 years. She loves customer service and movie nights with her kids.



GIS Developer

Colin has an advanced diploma in GIS and a B.Sc. He's a great cook and does weightlifting and triathlons making him the official office athlete.



Head of Development

Erik's focus is to innovate and streamline the product process and team. He enjoys playing with his dogs, writing, traveling, and learning with his wife.



Software Developer

Jeenal is an avid explorer of new places and new music. She has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and 5+ years of IT experience.




Jeremy's been with GFI for 17+ years, so he has experience in everything from sales to development. He likes yoga and spending time with his girls.



Finance Clerk

Jonathan received a BBA from NAIT in 2016 and came right on over to GFI. He enjoys driving, gaming, working on his car, and playing with his cats.



Senior Sales Consultant

Keira has 20 years of experience in technology sales. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her dogs, devouring good books and travelling.



Product Specialist

Kim is a computer systems technologist with 15+ years of client support experience. She likes animals, video games, travel, and the great outdoors.



Senior Software Developer

Porfirio is an electrical-mechanic technician with over 15 years of experience in automation. One day he'd like to be a "real" software developer 😉

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