Have you been losing sleep?


Tossing and turning, staring into the darkness, trying to solve the unsolvable puzzle?


Does the thought of it make your blood run cold?


Are you afraid of the ELD?




You’re not alone.




We’re here to reassure you that there is nothing to be afraid of. There are no monsters in the closet, under the bed, or hiding in the small print of the 2019 Canadian ELD Mandate.


And we’ve got the answers to five of the big questions that we know are keeping you up at night.




Question 1:


What is the Canadian ELD Mandate?


The Canadian ELD Mandate is a regulatory mandate (federal law) which oversees the requirement for, implementation of, and monitoring of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for all federally regulated commercial motor vehicle carriers (CMVs).


Published on June 13, 2019, this mandate requires that all drivers who currently maintain a paper-based log book to transition to an electronic logging device within a two year time frame. All required vehicles and drivers must be equipped with these devices by June 12, 2021.




Question 2:


Do I require an ELD?


Most likely! If you or your drivers are currently required to keep a paper-based log book, then yes. You will be required to operate an ELD. For CMVs which only operate within a 160 km radius of their home terminal, ELDs (same as paper logs) will not be required.


There are four exemptions for the ELD Mandate:


Trucks manufactured prior to the year 2000 (for those of you hanging on to your ole’ reliable)


Rental vehicles used for less than 30 days (keeping you on the road when your regular unit is down for service)


Carriers with statutory exemptions


Carriers who operate under a permit from a provincial/territorial HOS director


If you do not fall into one of those four exemptions, or travel more than 160 km away from your home terminal, you will be required to obtain ELDs for you or your drivers before June 12, 2021.




Question 3:


What exactly is an ELD?


An ELD is an Electronic Logging Device. It is a device that contains all the same regulatory information that is required from a paper-based log book.


The ELD will track the engine hours, distance travelled (via GPS), on and off-duty times, and by consequence, any deviations and non-compliance from HOS regulations.




Question 4:


Will the mandate change the HOS regulations?


No, absolutely not. All hours of service regulations currently in place will stand. What this does impact is the possibility of running false logs.


Drivers are often pushed hard to make deadlines, and can be inclined to falsify their log books and run over the regulated hours of service. This is both illegal and dangerous. Fatigue is associated with 15% – 20% of all crashes in the transportation industry, and a driver with daily log violations is 2.3 times more likely to be involved in a serious motor vehicle accident than a driver who runs by the book.


This may impact delivery times, driver hires and requirements, and costs. However, the life and wellbeing of your driver should be paramount compared to these minor adjustments.


As a driver, this mandate creates a hard boundary for pushy management, giving you the space you need to complete the job safely.




Question 5:


Will any ELD do?


At the moment, we’re not sure. However, that should not dissuade you from sourcing out and acquiring an ELD that suits your needs and company.


ELDs will be required to pass a third party inspection process before being approved for use after June 12, 2021. This third party inspection process is still being built and tested, which means that no ELDs have been granted approval as of the writing of this article.


Since the ELD mandate is clear regarding the requirements of an ELD’s capacity, it is safe to assume that ELDs adhering to those regulations will be approved once the inspection process comes into play. If the ELD you choose does not pass inspection, the transition from one ELD system to another will not be difficult.


By getting an ELD now, you and your drivers can become familiar with the process of using it and work out bugs and changes that will be required within your own system before crunch time.




Bonus Question:


Is there any reason to panic?


Goodness, no. While the air around ELDs is thick with hysteria and chaos, there really is no reason to be losing sleep over this mandate. The implementation of ELDs in the US was successfully completed on June 13, 2019. Yes, that is the same date that the Canadian ELD Mandate was published.


Many carriers have already begun to transition into the ELD era. With the forewarning of the US ELD Mandate coming out before the Canadian mandate, the communications and fleet tracking companies have had the advantage of developing ELD technology without the stressful push of short notice.




Your ELD solution is probably already out there. In fact, we think we have it. But don’t just take our word for it!


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