Vehicle & Asset Theft Protection.

Your fleet’s assets are at risk of theft. Protect them with GPS monitoring.


Vehicles were stolen in Canada last year.


Of stolen vehicles are never recovered.


Vehicles were stolen in the US last year.

Vehicle Theft Protection Features

Your fleet gains an extra level of vehicle theft protection with GFI Systems on your side. Not only will you be able to locate your vehicles or equipment within seconds of any theft, but your chances of successful recovery will drastically improve. You’ll be able to provide the police with highly accurate location information that is updated an average of every 6 seconds.


After-Hours Alarms

Catch them in the act! Alert a 24/7 call center or receive a text or email within seconds of your vehicle being turned on or driven after the specific time that you’ve set.


Geofence Alerts

Don’t let them leave! Get text or email alerts sent to you or a 24/7 call center as soon as your vehicle leaves any customized area that you’ve geofenced.


GPS Tracking

Track down your stolen vehicle’s location and trace its movements on our live map. Location markers are updated every 6 seconds on average.


Speed Notifications

Unusually extreme speeds can be an excellent indicator of a stolen vehicle. Receive notice as soon as your vehicle is recorded exceeding any set speed threshold.


Tamper Alarms

Know the second a thief tries to remove or tamper with the GPS tracking device securing your vehicle. You’ll be sent an immediate email or text.


Backup Battery

Even if they yank out your GPS tracker and toss it into the backseat, you’ll stay hot on their trail. A backup battery will keep your device powered on for up to 3 hours unplugged.

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Why Choose GFI Systems?

Top Reporting Rates

Get a higher GPS location update frequency than you will anywhere else. You'll capture every single change in speed, direction, ignition and more.

Better Local Support

You're not alone with our 24/7 support team. These local GFI employees know our products thoroughly and care about making your experience better.

Premium Training

You'll feel confident in your use of GFI products with our ongoing training programs that cover everything from the basics to new feature releases.

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